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Criminal Law Practice

Alcohol Related Crimes

Drunk driving, drunk & disorderly, selling alcohol to a minor and other offenses are all fields in which our attorneys have extensive experience. With CHILDERS SHKRELI P.L.L.C. as your council, you will be well represented in court as we will evaluate every piece of evidence available in your case and fight tirelessly to minimize the negative consequences.

  1. DUI/DWI
  2. DUI Accident
  3. Intoxicated Violence

Drug Related Crimes

Drug offenses are serious crimes that often result in harsh penalties including hefty fines, jail time and damage to future education, career and social opportunities. Don’t take chances with your future. Get the the attorneys with experience from both sides of the case.

  1. Posession
  2. Posession with intent
  3. Transportation / Distribution
  4. Manufacture
  5. Prescription Crimes (public or professional)

White Collar Crimes

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a white collar crime in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb county, MI, it is important to secure representation that can navigate these complexities and are aware of often technical issues involved in such cases. White collar crimes are often complex and involved much more than other criminal offenses. Through thorough investigative work with a keen eye for detail combined with our experience, your case will be presented in its best possible scanerio.

  1. Bank Fraud
  2. Blackmail
  3. Bribary
  4. Computer Fraud
  5. Embezzlement
  6. Environmental Crimes
  7. Extortion
  8. Forgery
  9. Health Care Fraud
  10. Insurance Fraud
  11. Racketeering
  12. Securities Fraud
  13. Tax Evasion
  14. Money Laundering
  15. Welfare Fraud
  16. Uttering & Publishing (Check Fraud)

Property Crimes

Property crimes such as arson, breaking and entering, burglary and trespassing are serious crime and may lead to major sentences in cases of criminal convictions. CHILDERS SHKRELI P.L.L.C. will make certain to achieve the best possible outcome in your case by presenting a strong defense on your behalf.

  1. Shoplifting
  2. Vandalism
  3. Arson
  4. Car Theft
  5. Unlawful Driving Away
  6. Car Jacking
  7. Burglary

Violent Crimes

It is of the utmost importance that you remember that in the eyes of the court, you are innocent unless proven guilty. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a violent crime, it is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively on your behalf. CHILDERS SHKRELI P.L.L.C. has the experience that you need.

  1. Homicide
  2. Assault With Intent
  3. Feloneous Assalt
  4. Rape
  5. Kidnapping
  6. Unlawful Imprisonment
  7. Home Invasion
  8. Child Abuse
  9. Armed Robbery/Burglary
  10. Manslaughter


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