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Enough good can not be said for meticulous, professional and aggressive manner in which Nicole handled an apposing counsel that would lie and make up disruptions, a judge that was so out of control that she was removed from the bench (during my case) a mediator that lied and produced a false and biased report and my ex who threatened her of a few occasions. When asserting my rights, Nicole was threatened with arrest by our Judge but she continued to speak defying the threat because it was clear that the Judge was trying to ignore and violate my constitutional rights. In short, my case, which she fought for 4 years and is now over, was nothing short of an explosive train wreck. Nicole stuck with it, she stayed in the fight even appealing my case to the court of appeals. We ended up back in court and I eventually won custody. Nicole has a very sharp mind for detail and recollection of dates and events. This makes her very efficient in her capacity as an attorney. One day, while being herself and providing dates and documents from memory, our Judge, who seemed slightly aggravated by her claim, ended up calling her ability "amazing". 
That is how I will recall and describe her representation, "AMAZING.
Source: AVVO

Nicole, I'd reached a point in my case where I needed an attorney with knowledge and grit. When I arrived at your office, I told you how our Judge adamant in her denying me a trial. You listened, took notes, asked questions and assured me that you'd get me a day in court in spite of the judges instance otherwise. You told me that it was my right. It seemed as though you were 100% accurate.

Though our Judge, at that time, did everything in her power to deny my son and I our due process, you persisted. When she threatened to have you arrested for speaking up for my rights, you continued speak. Thank you.

I've seen many other attorneys buckle to her bullying. You did not. You used the law to present my case and defend my son. Thank you.

You have a solid knowledge and understanding of the law and its process. You memorized my case and its details. Your have an amazing ability to recall these details when needed which astonished everyone including our old and new Judge. This made for an incredible efficiency that saved time, money and resource.

Your rates and billing are fair, extremely detailed and easy to understand. You went through a lot with us and if we had to do it again, there is no other attorney that I'd want by my side.

Leander Richmond